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Welcome To UFF - Ultimate Funky Freeroam is a SA-MP community with a lot of unique features. We have Stunts, Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Races, Shooter, Derby, etc. We have arcade game such as Gold Block Hunt. Other mini events like Reaction Tests and Maths Test too keeps the fun pumped up. We have a friendly and helpful staff team who tries their best to meet your needs and hear your requests. Server IP: www.Game-State.com
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Latest News
  • Release 9 launched and server RE-OPENED!
  • Server IP:
  • Server IP has been changed
  • Lag Issue has been fixed
  • Domain changed to www.uffserver.xyz
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Faster Web Host | SSL Certified Pages | Domain Change

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Ultimate Funky Freeroam

Domain Change -> www.uffserver.xyz

Our domain has changed to "www.uffserver.xyz". Hence, all the pages will now be pages that use "www.uffserver.xyz" (For example, www.uffserver.xyz/donate)
Please note that the old domain (www.uffserver.com) will no longer work and you may not be re-directed here.

Do share the new domain and links with other players who are unaware of this change.

Faster Web Host

You may have noticed faster loading while browsing through forum content, making new posts, chatbox messaging, etc.
This is because we have moved to a faster web host that gives us more bandwidth, inodes, and storage. 
This, in turn, makes www.uffserver.xyz and it's pages much faster than what we had before. 
You can also observe that the "Powered by 000webhost" branding is no longer visible thus representing a change to a faster web host.

SSL Certified Web Pages

Our website and it's pages (covering www.uffserver.xyz, www.uffserver.xyz/forum and www.uffserver.xyz/donate) are now SSL certified and has been changed from the old and insecure HTTP to the secure HTTPS certificate, thus ensuring secure communication.
As a result, whenever you visit www.uffserver.xyz and its pages, you will note that the "Not Secure" HTTP has been changed to "Secure" HTTP.
The SSL certificate is premium and has been obtained from Comodo. 

You can also observe Comodo Trust Seal at the bottom of the donate page, representing the highest form of security.image.png

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